Dr. Horn is a true artist and I am
overjoyed with my result. The sugery
was all I hoped for and more.


I had a done on March 18th, 2011. It has been almost 9 weeks since my initial surgery and I couldn’t be happier. This was my first surgery ever and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Ever since day 1 after the surgery, I was perfectly fine and never felt any actual pain, just tightness from my muscles not being used to the implants. Each week my breasts look better and better, and I love how I can fill out all my tops without wearing padded bras everywhere. Dr. Horn is an excellent surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone looking for one. On top of that, the girls working in the office are very friendly as they help educate and guide you when making your decisions.
~ Jackie 5/2011Breast Augmentation
I am totally amazed at the outstanding results with Dr. Horn provided me with. I am a perfectionist and went to many websites looking at before and after results. I was really scared because I noticed a lot of breast reductions had an oval like appearance (yikes). Dr. Horn over delivered and I will be referring all of my girlfriends to him. Dr. Horn, thank you for making my journey to discovering a “New Beauty” a delightful one. YOU ROCK DR. HORN!
~ 5/2011Breast Augmentation
I can only say thank you Dr. Horn for giving me the results that I always wanted. I am so happy that I had the surgery with you. You really are an amazing doctor. The staff is great, very nice and helpful, answering all my questions. The recovery time was very easy for me, the final result is great, and I could only say that I would do it all over again, anytime!
Thank you all!
~ D. V. 5/2011Breast Augmentation
I am the first in my family to get /plastic surgery. At first I was very skeptical about the procedure, the surgeon, and the results. I greatly feared that I would have complications or I wouldn’t like the results. Dr. Horn made me feel very comfortable and most importantly safe about going ahead with the surgery. He is very professional and experienced in his field. I am a mother of three breast fed babies, thus I wanted more fullness and volume in my breast. Since I had a great experience with Dr. Horn and his staff, I went through with surgery. The staff was very attentive and answered all my questions and concerns. They made me feel like my concern was their concern and took the time to hear me. Now at 6 weeks post-op, I am sooo sooo happy to have gone through with the surgery. I feel great and my clothes fit so much better. Dr. Horn not only performed a great surgery but he also boosted my self-esteem about my body. Now I have a big smile when I look at myself in the mirror.
~ L. V. 5/2011Breast Augmentation
Dr. Horn and his staff are excellent! The care I received here was the best; his staff is very knowledgeable, polite and caring. They are willing to answer any questions I had and I never felt rushed.
Dr. Horn made me feel at ease and very comfortable. My husband and I did a lot of research before deciding to come here and we are glad we did.
I would recommend Dr. Horn’s office to anyone and everyone.
~ L. K.Breast Augmentation
Undergoing by Dr. Horn went much more smoothly than I thought it would be. The staff and Michael Horn did their best to help me make the right decision. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and am pleased with my results!
~ B. S.Breast Augmentation
I was unquestionably nervous when taking on the task of locating a surgeon for my . For years I have wanted the procedure completed, but had always allowed fear to override my decision. Finding Dr. Horn and his staff was a gift. I received the results I wanted with a stress free environment. Dr.Horn’s nurse is knowledgeable and always accessible. Dr. Horn is caring and highly skilled. This experience has been great and I would make the same decision all over again. Thank you.
~ S. C.Breast Augmentation
Overall, I am extremely pleased with my experience. My procedure went very well. I can safely say that it was the best money I have ever spent. My breasts look and feel natural and my confidence has grown as a result. Dr Horn staff was absolutely wonderful. They made me comfortable and helped me feel at ease.
~ S. M.Breast Augmentation
Since the moment I walked into Dr. Horn’s office I felt very comfortable. Everyone was extremely nice and very accommodating. When I had my consultation with Dr. Horn, I told him what I wanted and how I wanted to look after surgery. He listened very intently and then explained in detail the procedure and everything I should expect. He also gave me his expert opinion. Surgery day went very smoothly. I was in and out. I was made to feel very comfortable. Overall, I really had a great experience and felt extremely safe and comfortable with Dr. Horn and all of his staff in his office. I would definitely recommend him to others.
~ E. R.Breast Augmentation
My experience with Dr. Horn and his staff was wonderful. I had no idea how easy surgery would be. The staffs made me feel very comfortable and answered my MANY questions. I love my new breasts and couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you so much. I would refer anyone and everyone to Dr. Horn. If I need anything done in the future it will be here!
~ J. H.Breast Augmentation
For years I have felt very insecure about my nose and my chest size. Once I turned 18, I decided to look into having surgery. Dr. Horn was actually the second doctor I looked into. Once I walked into the office, I knew that this was the right place for me. One of the things that stuck out to me was the music that played in the rooms. It wasn’t the usual soothing and instrumental music played in doctor’s offices. It was just normal music that comforted me. For all my pre+post op, I felt very welcome and comforted. Everyone here is so nice and I am glad I chose Dr. Horn as my surgeon. I felt great after a week, and now that 6 weeks have passed I feel amazing! Thank you Dr. Horn and staff!!
~ S. P.Breast Augmentation
To Dr. Horn: Your talent and brilliance was apparent during our first meeting and I came into surgery with more confidence than I ever felt in my life. Your natural gift for artistry and years of experience is obvious in the astounding results of my procedure. You took the one thing on my body that I did not like and turned it into the most beautiful part of my physical appearance. I could not be happier and more thankful to have you as my surgeon. You are talented, caring and intelligent. Thank you Dr. Horn!
~ B. R.Breast Augmentation
My experience was absolutely phenomenal much better than I anticipated. The entire staff was extremely welcoming, comforting and knowledgeable. I was always greeted with a warm smile from everyone. The results are impeccable and I could not be happier!
~ J. B.Breast Augmentation
Six weeks ago, I had a surgery for a breast lift reduction on one side and breast implants. I couldn’t be happier with my results. I am more confident than ever and I can wear the tops I have always wanted. Dr. Michael Horn and his staff are truly wonderful. For my consultation to my post op, I have received the best advice, help and most of all compassion. I would highly recommend Dr. Horn to anyone in need of plastic surgery. Thank you for everything!
~ T. F.Breast Augmentation
To whom it may concern,
The experience I had with doctor Horn during the procedure of the was excellent. I am very happy with both the shape and size and would highly recommend to my family and friends.
~ B. B.Breast Augmentation
Dr. Horn does an amazing job. I know others who came to him for and they were very happy as well, I healed nicely and am happy with the results. Thanks!!!
~ S. C.Breast Augmentation
Dr. Horn and his staff are wonderful. My initial consultation with Dr. Horn was very helpful and answered all the questions my husband and I had. The staff was very knowledgeable as to what would work best for my body type and frame. And they were so helpful even when I would call every day for a week after my surgery with my aches, pains and concerns. The results exceeded my expectations. Dr. Horn gave exactly what we hoped for. At first glance you would not even know that they were not mine. I am so glad we decided to go with Dr. Horn. Our decision to go with Dr. Horn is one I do not regret. If I had to do it over again I would not change a thing.
~ M. S.Breast Augmentation
I chose Dr. Horn because of the natural looking results. I have wanted for the longest time. I am very pleased with my natural results. Dr. Horn was always helpful and honest.
~ C. M.Breast Augmentation
I had a great experience with Dr. Horn and his staff. Everyone was very friendly and inviting. I have already recommended Dr. Horn to some of my friends who also love the results.
~ Streamwood, ILBreast Augmentation
To be honest I was very nervous about the procedure but Dr. Horn and his staff was very sensitive and supportive and I felt like they took the extra time to address all my concerns. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to recover with minimal discomfort. Overall, I had an excellent experience and would highly recommend Dr. Horn to anyone considering .
~ V. W.Breast Augmentation
I had a very great experience here at Dr. Horn’s office. The very first consultation, I felt very comfortable. They explained everything in detail to me. Then the day of my surgery the medical staff was very nice to me and very calming. The next day I had to follow back with the nurse at Dr. Horn’s office. I was in little pain the first night home. The pressure wasn’t bad. It was mostly the lateral sides of my breast. Overall, I would tell anyone I know about Dr. Horn and his helpful staff.
~ Ly B.Breast Augmentation
Dr. Horn did an excellent job. I have been to many consultations for this and he was by far the best and my outcome proves it. I too am a physician and would recommend him to any of my patients. He will answer all your questions and will also call you back right away with any concerns you have.
~ N. G.Breast Augmentation
After hearing Dr. Horn’s name all over the radio then being referred to him by a close friend, I knew he was the surgeon to speak to while considering a . After my consultation I scheduled surgery immediately, very excited. Surgery time came, then recovery time came and here I am 6 weeks later, looking exactly how I have wanted to look for so long. I have recommended Dr. Horn to all my friends, after all he is the best.
~ M. Q.Breast Augmentation
Dr. Horn service has been wonderful from the start. From the moment I called for a consultation the staff was very friendly, always making sure I was comfortable. I am very happy with the surgery. I am ready to come back and get another procedure done. I would recommend Dr. Horn to friends and family.
~ Y. J.Breast Augmentation
My experience at the surgery center was truly unforgettable. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. From the first consultation to when I was in the recovery room there was someone helpful there the entire way. Dr. Horn is incredible, my results are far more than I expected. I believe he is truly an expert in his profession. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in .
~ C. T.Breast Augmentation
Dr. Horn and his staff have been amazing. It’s always nerve racking to have surgery but everyone made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. If I had to do it all over again I would. I strongly recommend Dr. Horn to anyone looking at surgery options.
~ L. R.Breast Augmentation
My overall experience at Lakeshore Plastic Surgery was amazing. Dr. Horn and his staff were beyond helpful! I got the silicone implants with my friend. We had so many questions and the staff took the time to answer every one of them. It was scary to think about the whole process of getting implants, but everyone here helped ease our worries. The surgery was successful and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would recommend this office ,and already have, to many people.
~ D MBreast Augmentation
My experience with Dr. Michael Horn and his staff was great. I would absolutely recommend this place. Dr. Michael Horn and his staff answered all of my questions and made me feel really comfortable with the procedure. They really took their time to be beyond helpful and I can’t thank you all enough.
~ V. F.Breast Augmentation
My experience with Dr. Horn and his staff has been amazing. From the consult to my post op visits, I have felt comfortable and able to ask any questions I may have. The individual attention I have received was exceptional. I highly recommend Dr. Horn for any procedure.
~ C D OBreast Augmentation
This is my first plastic surgery experience and I am so happy I chose Dr. Horn! My experience was awesome! All the nurses and staff are super friendly and helpful. They encouraged me to call anytime with my questions and concerns. Everyone was very professional and warm. The office was beautiful and very comfortable. Most importantly though Dr. Horn did an amazing job on my . It was money well spent for a quality experience. Thanks Lakeshore Plastic Surgery!
~ R. R.Breast Augmentation
While thinking about having a , I was terrified! However, since the very first time with Dr. Horn, I felt comfortable. I was really nervous the day before surgery, so I called Dr. Horn (it was a Sunday) and he told me he would take good care of me and they have. My recovery went a lot better than I expected, I had no problem at all. Now I feel so much better about myself and am really glad that I chose Dr. Horn. He did a great job, I love my new breasts!
~ P. R.Breast Augmentation
Amazing office! Amazing doctor! Amazing care! Well, I came into the office for appointment not really knowing what to expect. The time and care given to me by Doctor Horn and everybody else was unbelievable! That visit made want to have the surgery right away. During the surgery Dr. Horn exceeded my expectations totally! Today is my 6 week post op appointment and I almost have no scars! Post surgery care was also pretty awesome! My calls were returned and everybody made me feel pretty special. Sincerely, I will recommend Dr. Horn to my friends!
~ L. L.Breast Augmentation
Dear Dr. Horn,
Although it has been only one day since my surgery, I felt it is important for you to know how you have helped me improve my image, but most importantly my life! Thank you so very much for your skilled hands as a surgeon, and also for sharing your artistic talent as well. It takes someone with great left and right-brain balance to perform surgeries like this, and you certainly seem to be quite masterful. To say that I feel lucky to have found you at this point in my life, having lived for at least the last ten years with breast that were hardened and unnatural looking, is a understatement. Thirty years ago I was told this operation was to be life-long-I now know it was an honest statement.
In some way I hope that my case will help other women who have had similar experiences, and perhaps it will help you to know that even at my age transformations like this can create the confidence needed to begin a new life. I truly never thought that anything could ever feel like real breast tissue and I am happy to know that I was certainly wrong. Even today when doing my first massage I cried because I was stunned by the feeling.
My anesthesiologist was terrific; the staff in the surgical center and all of your personal staff members was outstanding! Although I know my final look will not be set for a few months, I do feel that we made the right decision as my breasts appear so very natural and symmetrical. In the future as time takes more of a toll on my body I will ask for your advice and skill.
I haven’t smiled much in the last two years since my husband passed away-but today I am smiling widely and looking forward to a healthy new life and love again.
Kindest regards,
~ J. S.Breast Augmentation
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